Interviews about and beyond Newtonian mechanics. From Physclips.

Two physicists talk about using physics beyond Newtonian mechanics in interesting projects. Two engineers talk about using Newtonian mechanics in interesting projects.

Professor Michelle Simmons, Director of the Centre of Quantum Computing and Communication Technology talks about quantum computing and single electron transistors: a domain where Newtonian mechanics is largely irrelevant.

Professor Brian Schmidt, astronomer, cosmologist and Nobel laureate, talks about his co-discovery of the acceleration in the expansion of the universe, an observation not predicted by Newtonian mechanics and Newtonian gravity.

Jasper Wolfe, research engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, talks about the Smartphone Nanosatellite project and using Newtonian mechanics to analyse orbital decay.

Alexandra Boulgakov, engineer, physicist and racing car driver, talks about using Newtonian mechanics to analyse the performance of a racing car and using the results in race strategies.

Physclips volume on Newtonian Mechanics.
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