Electricity and Magnetism

This section is currently a collection of resources on applications. Introductions to electricity and magnetism will come later.

AC Circuits
Introduction to impedance, reactance, phase, phasor representation, resonance, RMS and complex impedance.
Power, RMS and 3-phase AC circuits
Power in AC circuits, relations among peak, RMS and phase, phase and power in 3-phase supplies
RC filters, gain functions, integrators and differentiators. With sound file samples.
Farday's law and the transformer equations. Impedance matching.
Electric motors and generators
DC and AC motors and generators. Universal, induction, stepper, squirrel cage, three phase motors. Linear motors and loudspeakers. 
Homopolar motors and generators
Homopolar generators in different configurations. Homopolar motors.
Drift velocity and Ohm's law
Derivation of drift velocity. Ohm's law in intensive and extensive forms.
The electromagnetic spectrum
Names, ranges and applications of the bands from Super Low to gamma. Relation to temperature, entropy and information.
The nature of light
Light and colour: wavelengths & spectrum: the speed of light: electromagnetic waves: waves, particles, rays: Young's experiment: Transverse/longitudinal: Quanta and photons.

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More learning resources are available at http://www.animations.physics.unsw.edu.au

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